Fan Responses: Top moments of the 2014-15 season

A couple weeks ago, we posted a poll to ask everyone what they thought was the top moment of the Panthers’ 2014-15 season, whether it be a goal, a save, an entire game, a span of games, or anything else. We received a lot of awesome responses, including the top 5 moments of Panthers co-owner Doug Cifu, and we’d like to share all of them with you. You can read them all here:


It has to be the marathon shootout vs. Washington


Ekblad’s 1st Career goal in front of the home crowd vs Flyers


Jagr’s first goal for the Panthers….


Kulikov’s Gordie Howe hat trick against Dallas. That’s a “F – you” moment if I ever saw one and those are my favorite kind of moments.


Beating Boston while we still were in the playoff hunt


With out a doubt Pantherspalooza was the best moment for me. Beating the Islanders was great. It was the most fun I have ever had at a panthers game.


Derek Mackenzie’s diving goal.


Rocco Grimaldi’s first goal was hard to beat. The Panthers have so much in the way of great talent and depth in their system, you just have to love to see the young guys come up and get to work.


Beating Anaheim 6-2… twice.


Acquiring Jaromir Jagr. The energy and experience he brought to the team was abundantly noticable the first night he stepped on the ice as a FlaPanther.


Derek MacKenzie’s “Superman” goal on a sweet feed from Dave Bolland


My favorite moment was #pantherspalooza. Meeting and hanging out with all of you was awesome. It was the best day of my life.


Acquiring Jagr changed the attitude of the young players into acting instead of reacting


Beating the bruins in the 2nd last game of the season and knocking them out of the playoffs!


The 20-round shootout. It kept going and going, and I found it so crazy that each time we needed a goal to stay alive, guys who you wouldn’t normally see in the shootout or expect to score did just that and ended up being really clutch.

Florida Panthers Co-owner Doug Cifu’s number 1 moment from last season (numbers 2 through 5 can be found here):

Pre season trip to West Point and naming Willie as our captain


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