Calling all Panthers fans with a knack for writing

Here at Cats on the Prowl, we’re always on the lookout for individuals with the same passion for hockey and the Florida Panthers as us to help make our site and it’s content as high-quality as possible. With that being said, we’re opening up to accept applications to join the site as a writer/reporter, so if you’re interested, read on to find out how you can apply. 

What we’re looking for:

We’re primarily looking for someone who is as passionate about the Panthers as we are. The ability to watch Panthers games (whether it be in person, on TV, a computer, etc.) is a must. You do not have to live in Florida or attend games to be considered. Examples of posts you may write for the site would include, but not be limited to: gameday previews, recaps, training camp analysis/recaps, etc. We’d also like someone who can contribute content (such as player spotlights, season reviews, analysis posts, and other features) during off-time throughout the year, whether it be during off-days or the offseason, in order to keep the readership engaged and interested.

How you can apply:

You can emailing us at or by direct messaging us on Twitter and tell us that you’re interested. Once we receive your email / message, we’ll respond back with a topic for your to write a sample article/post on. In order to narrow things down, you may be asked to write a second sample, and then we’ll choose our new writer.

Good luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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