Report: Panthers to gain new logo and jerseys

Image courtesy of @turbuL3NT2 / COTP Photography
Image courtesy of @turbuL3NT2 / COTP Photography

According to George Richards of the Miami Herald, the Panthers are gearing up for both new jerseys and a new team logo for the 2016-17 season. Cats on the Prowl has confirmed with a source that the Panthers are looking to give the whole franchise a make-over, although we’ve been told the changes are not expected for at least several months, so it’s likely the team is waiting till the end of the season or the draft which is when these things typically occur.

George Richards broke the news yesterday on Twitter with this tweet:

Richards went on to say the the jersey could feature a new circular logo on the front, although unlike the blue alternates the Panthers unveiled in 2009 and subsequently retired in 2012. It will also apparently have horizontal stripes, similar to the jerseys of the Blackhawks and Canadiens, as well as some “US Army elements.”

We’ve heard from an unnamed source that the new jerseys and the logo itself are “very traditional” and “pretty awesome,” and with the Panthers having just scored a modified deal with Broward County, the team is likely doing this to revitalize their image around the league and community. Icethetics reported at the end of November that the Panthers were considering new home and road jerseys and that seems to be confirmed.


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